Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Pacific Community

The Flag of the Pacific Community

The Pacific Community was formed after the Second World War to promote close co-operation between the island states of the southern Pacific. It has since developed into a community sharing assistance between the member states through three fields. 

The first area is land, where they work on crops, biodiversity, forestation, and other topics. Another area for co-operation is marine resources, working on marine legislation, tourism, and conservation activities. The final area is social. This includes human development, health, and cultural affairs.

The flag of the Pacific Community is a blue field on which is an incomplete circle of stars, representing each territory involved in the organisation, and completed with a light blue bar representing the Community uniting the territories together.

Within the circle consisting of a sail, a palm tree, and the ocean. The sail represents movement and change, the ocean represents the links between the nations, and the palm tree represents wealth.
Member States

American Samoa    Australia
Cook Islands          Fiji
French Polynesia         France
Guam                      Kiribati
Marshall Islands       Micronesia
Nauru                     Niue
Northern Marianas  New Caledonia
New Zealand          Palau
Papua New Guinea      Pitcairn Islands
Solomon Islands     Tokelau
Tonga                     Tuvalu
USA                       Vanuatu
Wallis & Fortuna Isles

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