Friday, March 19, 2010

The Commonwealth of Independent States

The Flag of the CIS

Following the fall of the Soviet Union, the newly independent states decided to still act together, and needed a new forum to do so. So, the Commonwealth of Independent States was formed. The CIS is a loose federation that is largly symbolic in nature.

However, it does have some supra-national responsibilities.Such as coordinating powers in areas of trade, and finance, lawmaking, and security. It act to coordinate cross border crime, as well as promoting the development of democracy in all the member states. 

The flag of the CIS features a yellow sun on a blue field, with 8 bending poles around the sun, with a pole representing each nation within the CIS.

Member States

Armenia                Azerbaijan
Belarus                 Kazakhstan
Kyrgystan                Moldova
Russia                      Tajikistan
Turkmenistan            Ukraine

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