Monday, March 22, 2010

The Organisation of the Islamic Conference

The Flag of the Islamic Conference

The Islamic Conference consists of 57 member nations spread throughout Asia, Africa, Europe. It was formed with the loss of the holy lands to the new state of Israel. It was set up to safeguard the common Islamic ideals of its member states, and promote those ideals round the world. It is also a lot more pragmatic, promoting economic, educational, social, political, and cultural co-operation. They have also formed a unique declaration of human rights that is compatible with Sharia law.

The OIC has been embroiled in controversy as well in its history, with the Prime Minister of Malaysia issuing a speech that was widely seen as anti-Semitic. The OIC has also taken sides on various issues, including the rights of Muslims in Thailand, as well as a very ill-defined definition of terrorism which could be interpreted to allow governments to crack down on peaceful assembly and the rights of free speech.

The OIC's flag is a green banner, representing Islam. In the centre is a white disc. Along the bottom of the disc is a red crescent facing upward. This crescent represents the all-encompassing of Allah, and the white disc represents the unity and peace of all Muslims. In black, in Arabic, it states "Allah u akhbar." 

Member States

Albania                  Algeria
Azerbaijan        Bahrain
Bangladesh          Benin
Brunei              Burkina Faso
Cameroon            Chad
Comoros            Djibouti
Egypt                   Gabon
The Gambia         Guinea-Bissau
Guinea                 Indonesia
Iran                   Iraq
Jordan             Kazakhstan
Kuwait            Libya
Lebanon              Maldives
Mali                    Malaysia
Mauritania           Morocco
Nigeria            Niger
Oman              Pakistan
Qatar              Saudi Arabia
Senegal               Sierra Leone
Somalia               The Sudan
Syria                   Tunisia
Turkey                United Arab Emirates
Uganda               Palestine

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