This Blog

Hello! And welcome to this shiny new blog! It will most likely be rather clunky, I am still trying to figure all this stuff out, and I hate reading manuals. Far rather mess my way through!


I enjoy Vexillology. Or, the study of flags.

I find them endlessly fascinating.

After all, a flag is just a simple piece of cloth, with pretty colours plastered all over it. It is then imbued with all sorts of meaning, significance, and symbolism by the people of the territory it represents! It is all wonderfully interesting!

What I am trying to do with this blog, is to pull together as many flags as I can, starting out at a national and supra-national level, and working up a blog detailing some information about the flag, and some of its history. It is not meant to be a be-all and end-all, just a repository of information that I have since found all over the place. If you have any further information on the flags I have covered, or some piece of information needs correcting, please let me know!


Paul Woodcock